29 Jan 2015

Internship work from Calon - Character Design

At Calon I also got the chance to work on character design for another series in development, currently under the title of "Bernie and the Boo Hoos". The series would be animated in 2D and aimed at pre-school children, with an educational purpose on first aid.

Here's the current concept:

   Six year old BERNIE (BERNADETTE) makes some unusual new playmates whilst visiting her paramedic aunt BRIGID in rural Ireland. The BOO HOOS are aliens who're newly arrived on Earth from their home planet which has no gravity. As they approach everything they do with the boundless enthusiasm of young children this is a problem because they are always having accidents in Earth's less forgiving atmosphere.

Following are some of the concepts I drew under the supervision of Robin Lyons and Andrew Offiler.

Sketch page. One of many.

First pass of the line up.

Bernie and the Boo Hoos.
Evolution of Bernie's design.

Different alien models.

More defined designs of three of the aliens.