17 Jan 2013

Short short film time!

Around March/April of 2012 a group of pupils from BAC11 joined to make a short film with random style guides and motives. We were 3 CAs and 3 CGs in this project and we had to work with the styles of Ronald Searle and Tove Jansson, the mood was PHOBIC and the random element we were given was "the tyranny of small things".

After several sessions of brainstorming we decided to base our short film on a character (who ended up being an anthropomorphic elephant) who was terrified of little mice and rats.

I participated as a character designer for the elephant and as an animator during production. I also sculpted the main character in clay for better reference, but you will have to wait for the last showreel of first year ;)

First designs of the character when he still was
an undefined Moomin-like creature.

More sketches. The character begins to revert
to its original elephant form.

Character expression sheet based on the final model.

And here is the film! I feel really proud and satisfied with it, hope you enjoy it! (Warning: this contains some stroboscopic effects that may cause epilepsy and very loud volume)