14 Nov 2011

Mid-Autumn sketches

These are fairly old, but I rather like them and I wanted to show them around before they're way too old.
Body comparison between these two characters

Designs for Agatha and Gwen Takano: a ship captain and an alien warrior

gasmask study based on Chinese statues of lions and dragons

Self indulgent sketches

This last image needs a longer explanation. First page: looks like Callahan and Eberhardt are dressed up in stylish clothes, but this has resulted to be the origin of an idea for a possible story, currently in development with Dorte .You'll probably see some sketches about this very, very soon.
Second page is a mixture between character studies, thumbnails and silly doodles. The character with black eyes is from Beck's String Theory, a webcomic I earnestly recomend to all of you.